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Doctor Dekay's House of Screams has been scaring people for years. People come from hundreds of miles away just to experience what Doctor DeKay has in store for them on Halloween each year.


New this year, you aren't locked in a room but you want to be. Zombies are trying to get in, can you figure it out in time what to do to keep them out to survive?


Clawed Dekay, Esq. is the frontman for The House of Screams. He is the son of Doctor Dekay and a chick magnet. Look for him hanging around the house each year.


You can purchase the perfect Halloween jewelry right on the website inside of our House of Screams store.

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See what real people have to say about their experience at Doctor Dekay’s House of Screams. 


Chris Evans

Loved it. The little girls were really creepy. The basement is worth the price of admission.


Icebeast Claven

We had a blast. never been more scared, by a friendlier group of people! the setting was creepy, the costumes and actors were great.


Sean Mchenry

One great haunted house. Staff was extremely friendly and the actors were extremely skilled. I highly recommended stopping in to see this haunt.


Shane Ryan

Very cool. Better than the tunnel. Def going back.

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Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

Depends on how fast you run.

There is a bell you can ring to signify you are done and you will have to walk back out of the house in front of everyone.

Of course you can! He especially loves the pictures with the ladies!

We limit the teams to 5.  If you have a group with more than 5 then it would be best to split them up into multiple groups

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